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Real Talk on The Holy Bible - Episode 7

Real Talk on The Holy Bible - Episode 7

Update: 2020-04-03


God's Word is real and its alive within The Holy Bible!

When we started God asked me my opinion of The Bible, I said I thought we didn't need it. He set out to show me the reason why we do, afterwards He asked my opinion once more. I knew after all He shared with me the need to have a greater spiritual understanding of His Word.

He told me my job from then on would be to help people better understand the spiritual side of His Word.

As we know, The Bible is a collection of sacred texts/ scriptures. Varying parts within The Holy Bible are considered to be the product of divine inspiration and a truthful record of the relationship between God and human beings.

The message of The Holy Bible is absolutely true, its not only compelling and current but applicable for everyone everywhere. The Bible is alive. It explains the original plan of God, how it was corrupted and how He has provided for man's restoration through His Son Jesus Christ.

There's also a greater spiritual understanding that comes through within The Holy Bible, God gives spiritual direction and instruction on how to live with Him in this day and age. A view that many seem to struggle with.

This podcast is to help us better understand The Bible's origins, who wrote it, its meaning, as well as the application part. I hope it helps you grow in your faith and with developing a greater spiritual union with The Holy Trinity.

Thanks for listening.

God bless you
James Martinez

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Real Talk on The Holy Bible - Episode 7

Real Talk on The Holy Bible - Episode 7

James Martinez