DiscoverGrief 2 GrowthRebecca Valla- When Soul Plans Get Tough
Rebecca Valla- When Soul Plans Get Tough

Rebecca Valla- When Soul Plans Get Tough

Update: 2021-08-10


This is Dr. Valla's second appearance on Grief 2 Growth. In May 2020, Dr. Valla and I spoke about healing our inner child within. In this episode, we focus on difficult life situations. Are they planned? If so, why would we do that?!

The topic of this episode was inspired by the origin of Dr. Valla's work, which is working with disabled children. Why would a person choose to have a disabled child? Why would someone choose to come to this planet disabled? 

Rebecca is a Psychiatrist, has been a lifelong spiritual seeker, and has also been involved for nearly 10 years with IANDS, an organization devoted to Near-Death and related Experiences. She has worked extensively with developmentally disabled children and adults, both before and after her training as a Psychiatrist.

There is a grief experience that is very common when a child is born with a disability. Sometimes, that child's developmental problem isn't known at birth but becomes known at a later time. The grief appears whenever loved ones realize that their child will have a growth path that is not as expected for most of their peers.

Sometimes, their survival is not assured or is thought to be shortened for the long term. Sometimes they require a great deal of care both medically and to meet their basic survival needs at home, which requires intense
adjustment on the part of family and others. Some situations require a decision at some point along the way, as to whether the child can best be cared for in the home. There may be talk of a need for "institutionalized" care. The poignancy of the pain of these families may obscure the opportunities for growth, love and connection, and joy. There is a process of healing and learning that demands work, and brings with it the experience of self-discovery and personal expansion.


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Rebecca Valla- When Soul Plans Get Tough

Rebecca Valla- When Soul Plans Get Tough

Dr. Rebecca S. Valla