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Rebuilding The Fire With BAD WOLVES

Rebuilding The Fire With BAD WOLVES

Update: 2021-10-20


A trend seems to have formed of late, that being, the material in which bands are producing at this
present time has a certain edge to it, a more refined sound with the quality dialled up all the way to 11!
There is reason for it, bands simply have more time to produce the music they want to release right now due to the amounts of “cancellations” everyone in the entertainment industry is experiencing of late.
Enter Bad Wolves a band who have been established for a little under half a decade now and are about to drop their third album entitled ‘Dear Monsters’ on October 29 th through Better Noise Music. This album packs, as previously said a certain edge and a refined sound to match. The quintet have indeed spent valuable time writing and producing this extremely important album for the bands ever growing discography and it shows!
A major piece has also been added to Bad Wolves, a new singer whose name is Daniel DL Lasckiewicz who is previously known for helping define a genre with his contributions to Massachusetts natives The Acacia Strain, a band in which he helped form in 2001. Fast forward 20 years sees DL fronting one of the most existing metal bands on the planet right now, tune into my chat with DL where he talks in-depth about the processes that brought the band to this point.... and man what a ride it has been!








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Rebuilding The Fire With BAD WOLVES

Rebuilding The Fire With BAD WOLVES

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