DiscoverFind The MagicRecalculating Happiness with Jess Klasnick
Recalculating Happiness with Jess Klasnick

Recalculating Happiness with Jess Klasnick

Update: 2021-04-26


Most of us say that happiness is something that we want, and society is all too willing to volunteer a recipe for finding it. If only we had the right size house, in the right neighborhood, with the right job, then we would be happy. In this episode, Jess Klaznick helps us recalculate happiness as she shares her family’s journey to joy. She found that after achieving the recipe that society offered to her for happiness, she was surprised that the happiness promised didn’t automatically follow. She and her husband sold much of their belongings to travel the world with their children, and the insights she gained along the way are both inspiring and helpful.

You can find more about Jess on her website,

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Recalculating Happiness with Jess Klasnick

Recalculating Happiness with Jess Klasnick

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