Redefining Yourself | TUCKER MAX

Redefining Yourself | TUCKER MAX

Update: 2020-03-244


Most of you are familiar with Tucker Max. Regardless of what you think about him, there is no fence-sitting. You either love the guy or hate him. But that’s part of the reason I wanted to have a conversation with him – to find out what makes him so polarizing and how he feels about that.

That said, the biggest reason I wanted to talk with him is to learn about his ability to redefine himself from college frat boy to successful entrepreneur, husband, and father. I think we can all relate messing some things up along the path and many of us have or are working on our redemption story. Today, Tucker and I talk about speaking the truth, overcoming judgment, the reality of the “zero f’s” mentality, and, ultimately, how to redefine yourself.


  • The pain of staying the same
  • Fixing what’s inside
  • Going through therapy
  • Getting fired
  • Getting rejected
  • Writing a Best Seller
  • Scribe Media
  • Finding your personal truth
  • Negotiating reality
  • Tribal warfare
  • Consumerism culture
  • Plant medicine therapy
  • The best version of yourself
  • Separating from your ego
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Controlling the narrative
  • Masculine movement of feminism
  • How to uncover your story


Most of you know my guest today, Tucker Max. If you’re like me, you ran across one of his New York Times Bestselling books in an airport or bookstore. That’s likely the case because he’s sold over 4,500,000 copies of them.

He’s been credited with starting the literary genre, “fratire” where he detailed and documented his college-day exploits. And, although, that’s what made him famous, his ability to redefine himself from those days to who he is today is what really had me interested in talking with him.

He’s now the founder of Scribe Media and is helping other people tell their own stories in their own unique way and give a voice to those who need it and for those who need to hear it.


Gents, you’ve heard about the Iron Council before but what I wanted to share with you today is something that we are working on starting next week.

We call it the Twelve-Week Battle Plan and it’s a system we’ve developed over the past five years to help you accomplish more in a 90-day span than you potentially have in an entire year. In fact, when I wrote my book, Sovereignty, I completed it in a Battle Planning cycle using the same system the members of the Iron Council are using.

Obviously, life has taken a very strange turn for most of you in 2020 but using the Battle Plan and the accountability found inside the Iron Council will ensure that you get back out ahead of things and make the most of a very strange situation.

If you want to learn more and band with us, head to to learn more and lock in your spot at the table.

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Jason Barker

I read his first book and thought it was a good laugh..listening to Tucker he sounded like a dope head and later he actually admits he is one. Got up to the part where he talks about MDMA therapy and i thought to myself 'is that a cute name for some new therapy' then I realised he was actually talking about illicit drugs. I turned the podcast off. I could not listen to the man. Ryan you did well keeping the interview going.

Mar 25th
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Redefining Yourself | TUCKER MAX

Redefining Yourself | TUCKER MAX