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Rediscovering Story with Robert Fergusson

Rediscovering Story with Robert Fergusson

Update: 2020-11-17


Somewhere along the way, we lost our sense of story. We traded it in for better models, systems, and data. But the world is longing for story again. People are looking for the stories that pass on gathered wisdom, reveal our identity, convey responsibility, instill values, and uncover the truth.

Robert Fergusson has a passion for story. It's the method in which he communicates messages which help to bring clarity and impact into the lives of those he teaches. In his new book 'Are You Getting This', Robert shares 20 techniques to help you rediscover the power of story in your own life. He teaches how you can begin to incorporate the craft of storytelling back into your own life.

In today's conversation, we discuss the importance of story in our culture today and how the rediscovery of the art of story is something that is needed more than ever. It helps us to explore and share ideas that matter and ultimately helps us to spark changes in our thoughts and actions. Join us as we ask the question 'What story are you telling yourself?'

Book: Are You Getting This -

About Robert Fergusson
Robert Fergusson has been part of the teaching team at Hillsong Church for the last 30 years. He is English by birth, Australian by choice, and European by taste. He has seven growing grandchildren, three married children, and one patient wife. He is a biologist by training but dislikes the color green. He is a teacher by calling but hates marking. He loves traveling, reading, photography, and coffee. For over 40 years, he has taught people how to live in order to please God. He and his wife currently live in the parrot-filled suburbs of Sydney.








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Rediscovering Story with Robert Fergusson

Rediscovering Story with Robert Fergusson

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