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Rediscovering Your Supersense

Rediscovering Your Supersense

Update: 2021-11-191


You have, perhaps often, used one of the greatest powers of your mind. You have used it and have perhaps wondered a little about it. Or you have thanked good fortune for having shown you the way, and not bothered to think about it.


What is this power?


Why have you not used it more often?


Can you now utilize it to its fullest extent?


The answer to the last question is: Yes, as often as you want—when you learn what it is and how you can use it. You have undoubtedly done things on a “hunch” at some time or other and later discovered that you were correct in following this unexplained direction.


Perhaps you have at some time had a “feeling”—a “feeling” that led you to take the correct action in some activity, a “feeling” that you later probably called a “sixth sense.”


Perhaps you may have been sitting at your telephone and thinking, “So-and-so ought to call me—I have something very important to tell him and I can’t reach him”; then within minutes have the person in question telephone you!


Perhaps you have been on your way home when for no apparent reason you stopped to buy a particular article. Then upon arrival home you have been told that had you telephoned you would have been asked to stop to buy that very article.


Maybe you have been at a gathering when suddenly you went to find the person you came with and said, “You want to go home now, don’t you?” and discovered your impression was correct. You called them “hunches” or attributed them to a “sixth sense.”


You may perhaps sneer when someone talks about “mental telepathy.” Yet your so-called hunches or impressions resulting from your so-called sixth sense are no more incredulous than mental telepathy.


What you perhaps fail to realize is that in addition to the five senses of the conscious level—seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling—there is a sense belonging to the Supraconscious level of the mind. It is a form of communication you are not familiar with. You encounter it infrequently. You notice it only in such rare instances as have been listed above. Yet it apparently is functioning even more thoroughly than the five senses of the conscious level. From what little is known of it, the Supraconscious sense, unlike the five senses, never rests.


It is the Supersense.


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Rediscovering Your Supersense

Rediscovering Your Supersense

Brian Scott