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Reigniting The Flame With EAST YORK

Reigniting The Flame With EAST YORK

Update: 2021-11-12


Around this time last year a Melbourne based band came on the scene that threatened to tear down the increasingly safe structure that had been slowly creeping into the local music industry and replace it with an old fashioned desire to play music for the enjoyment factor alone.
That band was East York, and their promising debut single Outsiders which was quickly followed by the even more impressive Circus before the band released Damned Anthem back in March of this year.
Then, almost as quickly as they forced their way into our lives East York went radio silent.
Given the current state of world affairs that could likely be put down to a variety of factors, but with the bands re-emergence earlier this week with their crushing new single To Kill The Sun it is obvious the four members had been absent and using their time productively.
Guitarist Daz Coppins joined us for a chat earlier today to discuss what he and the boys have been up to.
"There's definitely been a lot going on behind the scenes,” he affirmed. “As I’m sure a lot of bands and musicians can attest, 2021 was the year of false starts. We had tours booked that had to be pushed back or cancelled. We had a New Zealand tour booked in September which is now happening in February next year. We had three other shows in Melbourne that we had to cancel so it's definitely not through lack of trying. We have also been working hard on finishing the EP and getting that mixed and mastered. Yeah man, it's all done now. The EPs in the can. we're wrapped and ready to go.”
Not content to release music for the sake of content, East York have raised their own bar yet again with To Kill The Sun, a song which cover a lot of ground musically and offering the perfect introduction to their sound should you have missed them the first time around.
NOT fucking around. catchy as fuck beast of a song.
"We definitely went at it with all guns blazing,” Coppins nodded. “We knew as soon as we came up with the first initial structure - the instrumental that we came up with initially and the first bounce - it was like fuck, we've got something special here. It felt good and ticked all the boxes. It had the bounce. It had the groove and the energy, and the chorus just lifts. We were so excited for Tarquin (vocals) to get hold of it and sure enough he came out with the goods."
In the full interview, Daz talks about To Kill The Sun in greater detail, the pressures of surviving COVID as an emerging band, next years debut EP Origins and what to expect musically, touring plans and more.








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Reigniting The Flame With EAST YORK

Reigniting The Flame With EAST YORK

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