DiscoverAging GreatFULLy with Holley KelleyReigniting Your Authentic Self!
Reigniting Your Authentic Self!

Reigniting Your Authentic Self!

Update: 2020-07-17


In this powerful episode of Aging GreatFULLy, the spotlight is on YOU amazing listeners! We invite you to Reignite Your Authentic Self! Host Holley Kelley shares in her opening monologue, it’s easy to get off path sometimes in life but this show definitely holds the map to your authenticity.
Akin to silver losing its lustrous shine over time, something similar can happen to us throughout life. This show is all about bringing back the lustrous and original shine that resides in each of us as we welcome special guest, Meagan Fettes, best-selling author, speaker, creator of Rise Yoga School, RISE Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur Fit and featured thought leader in the movie How Thoughts Become Things. Meagan leads us on a fascinating and soul-enriching conversation on journeying towards living in authenticity. From Yoga philosophy, visualization, meditation, to Universal Laws, Laws of Attraction and even the power of choice, this show will transcend how you view your everyday thought patterns and empower you to create who and how you want to be to create the life you desire!
Meagan helps us identify common barriers preventing us from living in authenticity and reminds us that what we resist, persists. We are once again encouraged to push the boundaries of our comfort zone. More than words of wisdom, practices and modalities – Meagan has used these very tools to improve her own life to both become and rise to where and who she is today! To learn more about today’s guest, visit A must listen power-hour of enlightenYOUment for anyone and everyone who desires to get the most out of living and aspires to live their BEST LIFE NOW!








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Reigniting Your Authentic Self!

Reigniting Your Authentic Self!

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