DiscoverThe Unstuck Church Podcast with Tony MorganReimagining Christmas - Episode 164
Reimagining Christmas - Episode 164

Reimagining Christmas - Episode 164

Update: 2020-10-14



We need to acknowledge it: An in-person Christmas experience may not be a draw this year.

Most people who are not connected with a church will probably not want to go to an in-person experience, wearing masks, socially distanced in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by an unfamiliar crowd of people.


The opportunity we have this year is to equip our attendees to bring church to their families instead of bringing their families to church.

Christmas has always been the holiday when people are a little more open to faith and open to church. What could we create online that would reach people outside the faith? If you don’t start with this question, you’ll default to doing what churches have always done, which is to put the team’s best energy into designing an in-person experience and using the leftover energy to figure out how to put that experience on-line.

In this episode, Tony and Amy are joined by Sean Bublitz to help you figure out where to start and what to consider.

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Reimagining Christmas - Episode 164

Reimagining Christmas - Episode 164

Tony Morgan