Release, Heal, Evolve with Sheila Tillich

Release, Heal, Evolve with Sheila Tillich

Update: 2020-10-05


We are sharing from the heart about topics that increase your spiritual knowing.

Join my conversation with Universal Master Energy Healer Sheila Tillich.

In this episode, you will learn:

💜 How you can use your life's issues to fuel your future

💜 How the pandemic can actually spur on deep transformation & new beginnings

💜 How to manage grief (even if you're a self-help/positivity junkie)

💜 A HeartMath technique that can tap you into your joy center now

💜 The block breathing method so you can change your brain's frequency and improve your holistic well-being

💜 The power in facing your fears (and how you can do it)

And so much more!

Wise Words:

“Breathe in love…make it personal by bringing in things that bring you joy and appreciation…feel the love inside." - Sheila Tillich

More About Sheila:

Sheila Tillich, owner of Sheila B. Holistic Healing is a Holistic Energy Healer Master Teacher/Trainer, Metaphysical Minister, and Licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor. Sheila is an educator and trainer in energy practices and energy psychology teaching – changing conscious belief system into empowerment living. She specializes in distant counseling, HeartMath® techniques, and energy healing. Her passion is working with wise women helping them see a bigger picture of their lives. Empowering them to use their life obstacles and transform them into something that provides freedom, wisdom, and courage to live their best life.

Connect with Sheila:


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Release, Heal, Evolve with Sheila Tillich

Release, Heal, Evolve with Sheila Tillich

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