DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastRelease the chokehold of Grief with Andrea A. Moore
Release the chokehold of Grief with Andrea A. Moore

Release the chokehold of Grief with Andrea A. Moore

Update: 2020-10-27


"I'm okay"
"It's nothing"
"I'll get over it"

These are just a few of the things that people will say in order to deflect from telling someone that they are going through grief, anxiety, or depression. It has become easier to just put a mask on but it has also become very dangerous. Far too many people are walking around believing that what they are feeling will just go away.

In this episode, we hope to normalize people being able to remove the mask in order to get the support they need. Andrea shared what grief looked like for her and her family after the death of her sister. It is a discussion that will change how you look at "feeling down".

Andrea's nuggets:
~ We have been conditioned to move on and get back to a routine quickly
~ Many aren't told how to handle grief even after losing a loved one
~ Tears release the words that we are unable to say sometimes
~ You can build resilience while you are grieving
~ Even in the church, many don't know what to do with the pain they feel

There may have been moments when the anger and frustration of you losing someone made you question your religious beliefs, your relationships, and even your own judgment. Conversations are needed in order to uproot that anger and frustration or to replace it. We need a community to help us heal in the midst of it all.

That community includes:
A therapist
A coach
A counselor
A friend

This is also a great time to start journaling. It helps to release the words that sometimes get stuck in our throats when we try to talk about what happened.

Another thing that popped up in this discussion is the fact that some of the grief and anxiety that we carry are not our own. There are many instances where we are carrying the grief and anxiety from the previous generation or from close family and friends. We have almost become the bag lady as Erykah Badu says. The only thing is that with these bags we are hurting more than our back.

Meet Andrea:

Hi my name is Andrea A. Moore and I am an Intuitive Grief Coach that helps siblings and entrepreneurs navigate, cope, and understand their grief journey. In 2010 is when I stepped into the boxing ring with grief. that is the year I watched my sister fight for her life and entire her new life on 6/13. One of the hardest moments of my life. What I did not know is that I would be the creator's vessel. As of today, I have supported over 100 women to navigate, cope, and understand their journey.

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Release the chokehold of Grief with Andrea A. Moore

Release the chokehold of Grief with Andrea A. Moore

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