Releasing Shame - 068

Releasing Shame - 068

Update: 2019-03-0528


Episode 068: Today, we’re talking about releasing shame. I think we all have something from our past that we’re not totally proud of. Maybe even something from our present.

I have a ton. Part of it is that I have an addictive personality. So there have been so many periods in my life where my behaviors took on an energy of their own and I felt like I lost control.

Todays episode has a lot of sensitive topics so if you have little ones around or you yourself are sensitive to topics like sex work and masturbation, I recommend you pick one of the many other episodes.

But I feel this topic is much needed because there are a lot of common human things that we wrap in judgment and shame and I would like to be one of the people shining love on those topics to help release the collective shame.

Today we talk to Sydney Campos.

She is a fellow wild woman with a wild story, transcending 10 years of drug and alcohol abuse and sex work. Through truth and vulnerability, only a few years later, she was serving her souls mission healing and teaching around the world, signed a major book deal, and was leading retreats for visionary leaders eager to live in alignment with their highest soul self.

We will learn:
* The myth of mistakes
* How we go into bad decision denial
* How our shame (and releasing it) affects our collective consciousness

Show Notes:

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Niamh Meagher

amazing! Thank you for making me feel less odd and shameful. xx

Mar 29th








Releasing Shame - 068

Releasing Shame - 068

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