DiscoverTopic Lords45. Remember To Pronounce The Apostrophe
45. Remember To Pronounce The Apostrophe

45. Remember To Pronounce The Apostrophe

Update: 2020-08-31


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  • What the insulin pod had to say.

  • An extremely sexy insulin pod telegraphing its own death.

  • Mourning many insulin pods at a rapid clip.

  • President Garfield's proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Making your first ZZT game.

  • Doing fetch quest after fetch quest until two AIs fall in love and a nuclear reactor explodes.

  • Attempts to archive the user-uploaded games before the Wario Ware DIY servers get shut down.

  • The only Meat Boy game to come out for the Wii.

  • A demon that can only exist on sand and is formed of the sand.

  • ShareCart, the save format shared between many different games so you can save in one game and load in another.

  • How much Dr. Sbaitso likes you and how much his henchmen like you.

  • Spending an afternoon trying out randomly generated Game Genie codes.

  • Flipping random bits to see what comes out there other end.

  • Generating a hash of a large file twice in a row and getting two different results.

  • Seeing an exciting glitch in Super Mario 64 and nobody being able to replicate it until someone tries flipping bits in RAM like a solar ray might.

  • The randomizer hack that combines Link to the Past and Super Metroid into a single game.

  • Thirty people all making different games and hoping something interesting comes from mashing them together.

  • Why the heck everyone is suddenly talking about cake.

  • The primary use for your understanding of the world being making and understanding comedy.

  • Your filters going to sleep first, so you make weirder connections when you're half-asleep.

  • How everyone would know all the world capitals if you had also been obsessed with them as a child.

  • Spending 10% of your brain on how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism and the rest on the lyrics to "We Didn't Start The Fire."

  • How to download Wikipedia so you can give your son Wikipedia before you give him internet access.

  • How Roblox is a much more popular game platform than any you've ever touched.

  • Not knowing how to make games that appeal to children, but knowing how to make games that remind 40 year olds of when they were children.

  • The incredibly accurate clone of Counterstrike that some rando made inside of Roblox.

  • Roblox users calling platforming levels "Obbies."

  • The window in your life where you don't talk to children.

  • Watching a four year old play Minecraft and they're just breaking and replacing the same block over and over to see if it happens the same way every time.

  • A Roblox level that is just a series of waterslides.

  • "I Wanna Maker," for making your own masocore platformers.

  • How PageRank is named after Larry Page and Debian is named after Deb and Ian.

  • How Price Club is named after Sol Price and Main St. in San Fransisco is named after Charles Main.

  • Jim trying to figure out when humans first called a street Main St. and giving up.

  • "Taco Bell" appropriating respectfully because it respects the romance language adjective-noun order.

  • Reading about aptronyms in Marilyn vos Savant's column.

  • Sending your octuplets to a carnival owned by Larry Kidkill.

  • The late NASCAR racer Dick Trickle.

  • Changing our names to Fuck and starting a band called The Fucks and that's it, that's the tweet.

  • Unemployment as a prerequisite for starting any hobby as an adult.

  • Film Noir figuring out how to tell adult stories after the Hayes Code was enacted.

  • The constraints of being set on a train leading to compelling storytelling.

  • The train movie as a slightly less constrained bottle episode.

  • Whether they allow trains on the Internet Movie Car Database.

  • Yelling at librarians until morale improved.

  • Libraries often offering ebooks and movie streaming.

  • Netflix streaming having a limited selection of movies but the disc mailing service having every DVD, but it takes two or three days to get it.

  • Filmmakers being huge nerds and that's why they keep making movies about making movies.

  • 1939 and 1957 in filmmaking.

  • The history of Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden.

  • Destroying Manhattan by performing a Chaos Dunk.

  • Setting your cyberpunk universe after basketball has been outlawed.

  • The dangers of running a successful Kickstarter.

  • The game design conceit that there should be way too much of everything.

  • Bizarre unthinkable development processes that somehow in the end produce a shippable game.

  • A 397-page forum thread of people asking "Where is Barkley 2?"

  • The second concrete product of the Barkley 2 Kickstarter, after the CyberDwarf body pillow.

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45. Remember To Pronounce The Apostrophe

45. Remember To Pronounce The Apostrophe

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