DiscoverAward Travel 101Replay: How to Win Your Battle with Points & Miles
Replay: How to Win Your Battle with Points & Miles

Replay: How to Win Your Battle with Points & Miles

Update: 2019-06-13


We've got a replay of one of the "Best Of" episodes of the Award Travel 101 Podcast! Tune in next week when we return with another new episode!

“Three days after you leave the hospital with a broken back, and chemo, and serious multiple myeloma, you decide you're going on this around­-the­-world trip?”

The Award Travel 101 community is built around sharing and learning knowledge on how to travel the world with points and miles. A side effect of the community has been the stories of people that meet and interact every day and their stories made possible by a Facebook group. This week we introduce you to Mr. Ike Stanfield of Texas who is currently battling aggressive multiple myeloma cancer. In February 2019, Ike posted to Award Travel 101 that he was cashing in his points and miles and taking a solo trip around the world to Singapore, Delhi, and Doha in first and business classes.

During the show, Ike walks us through some of his daily battles that might delay his determination to see his bucket list destinations. Despite the fact that Ike broke his back just one week before he was supposed to leave for his trip, he persevered through pain and surgery and still completed his around the world points and miles trip. Make sure to listen to his inspiration and words of wisdom as he walks us through each part of his two week adventure.

Show Timestamps

  • 3:30 — Meet Ike 
  • 8:45 — Ike's health diagnosis
  • 12:30 — Ike's around the world itinerary
  • 17:00 — Getting treated well at the Hilton Singapore
  • 19:30 — “What did you reflect on while you were there?”
  • 22:30 — Ike's advice for those facing challenges
  • 28:30 — Ike's words of wisdom 

Today's Guest

Ike Stanfield is a retired American Airlines employee from Corpus Christie, Texas. In 2017, he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and has undergone and continues to undergo multiple forms of treatment to battle his disease. 


Contact Ike

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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Replay: How to Win Your Battle with Points & Miles

Replay: How to Win Your Battle with Points & Miles

Richard Kerr, Ike Stanfield