DiscoverThe Morality of Everyday ThingsReplay - Is it time to get rid of the royals?
Replay - Is it time to get rid of the royals?

Replay - Is it time to get rid of the royals?

Update: 2022-09-19


REPLAY - in light of the queen's death and power transfering to Charles III, whilst we offer our condolensces it's more pertinent than ever to ask during these lavish ceremonies and high air-time events...should we even be maintaining our royal families? Here's a replay of our old episode, previously titled 'should we abolish the monarchy?'

Previous description:

In this episode, Jake and Ant look at the ethics of abolishing the monarchic institutions that are present in the UK and several other EU countries (but really focusing on the UK as a specific example).

The key arguments discussed and considered are:

1 - democracy, 2 - elitism, 3 - corruption/abuse of power, 4 - history & tradition, 5 - entertainment, 6 - soft power, 7 - the practical nuisance of disbanding the royals.

Ant is writing this and I maintain that it's a grossly inequitable institution that doesn't much contribute cash beyond what would be achieved regardless of their maintenance (not that money would even be a good justification anyway)...but hey, listen to the whole pod and form your own opinion!

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Replay - Is it time to get rid of the royals?

Replay - Is it time to get rid of the royals?

Ant and Jake