DiscoverMelting PotReshaping the idea of Design Debprotim Roy
Reshaping the idea of Design  Debprotim Roy

Reshaping the idea of Design Debprotim Roy

Update: 2021-03-25


Debprotim Roy is the founder and CEO of Canvs has built a foundational studio of independent senior designers they call Canvs Club, a model that has allowed Canvs to completely rethink the way the modern design agency works. As Club, Canvs manages multiple distributed design teams and works with them to fulfil projects with some of the most important names in the industry. Canvs’ vision is to bring quality digital design to every firm in India, no matter their size. To achieve that, Canvs has recently launched a unique Design program called Access that allows small startups and teams to work with senior designers within an affordable scope. With Access, Canvs broke the mould of the incumbent agency-client dynamic and moved towards a simplified, results-oriented, time-limited relationship between firms that serves the need of both sides, skills and its demands. 

Being a product designer himself, Debprotim personally steers many of Club’s projects himself. At Canvs he is continuously testing methods to break the existent baggage in the industry by adopting fresher business models and products. He believes to really make an impact in Design, we need to start empowering non-designers with its immediate benefits. Aside from running Canvs, Debprotim takes a deep interest in the bleeding-edge tech of machine intelligence. And although he claims he is not much of a reader, when he does read he likes to stick to non-fiction and scientific literature, with a strong exception to the book The Martian, which he claims to have thrice.  

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Reshaping the idea of Design  Debprotim Roy

Reshaping the idea of Design Debprotim Roy