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Resident Evil Apocalypse and the Shakey Fist Logic (part two)

Resident Evil Apocalypse and the Shakey Fist Logic (part two)

Update: 2021-03-26


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Andrew Dickinson (i.e. oddment84, aka "that guy who creates a bunch of podcasts" ) returns for a discussion on Resident Evil Apocalypse. We had that much to say about the 2004 action-horror (which is heavy on the over-the-top action, and incredibly light on the horror) that we've had to split it into two parts.

The following is a reduced version of the full show notes, which you can find here.

Content Warning
Due to the nature of the movie we talk about in this episode, we’d recommend that you don’t listen to this one with little ones around.
Please listen responsibly
Show Notes
We couldn't possibly cover everything in the 2004 zombie-a-thon Resident Evil Apocalypse in one episode, so we had AndrewD return to talk with us about this train wreck of a film. As this is part two of our discussion on this film - you can find part one here.
The Plot So Far
Here is a summary of the "plot" so far:

  • Flashbacks to set up the backstory

  • Is it Matt or Max?

  • "2 Weeks earlier", opening the hive, and portable CD players

  • Dr. Ashford loses his daughter because his car is hit, but she's alive

  • Jill "Bad-Ass" Valentine murders a bunch of people in the middle of a police station, and no one bats an eyelid

  • Captain Switzerland is sent by Umbrella to run the mop-up operation

  • Running up several flights of stairs in heels

  • Carlos saves the day... or not

  • Leg fu for the win

  • Bluetooth earpieces

  • Totally not the Berlin Wall

  • Surplus and more!

  • Dr. Ashford has frowny-face glasses but hacks the system

  • Recreating the intro from Resident Evil 3

  • Activating Nemesis through science and gratuitous bar charts

  • Help me, Alice Kenobi. You're my only hope

  • Fighting in a graveyard

  • Entering the church

  • That person I know... maybe they're not a zombie

  • Jill's badassery makes her forget her training

  • An action scene which Jay describes as:

Alice dealing with the lickers is so far over the top, it's practically in lower orbit
- Jay
  • Leg fu saves the day, and donkey kicks for the win

The Plot... continues?

  • The helicopter drops its hip-gear

  • Why does Nemesis need to kill STARS members?

  • Alice is magic now?

  • Superhero fights

  • Alice is the Deus Ex Machina

  • Bombs have yields, and Jill knows what that means

  • Zombie kids are creepy

  • You won't miss the dogs, they make a _huge_ point of showing you them

  • Jill is Lara Croft, at this point

  • Terry gets munched

I'm pretty sure that it was in her contract that nobody can be more badass than Alice
- AndrewD

  • Chair fu is not a valid self-defence mechanism

  • Infected people can tell who else is infected?!

  • Who needs gravity? Certainly not Alice

I can suspend my disbelief enough to get that there are zombies. I can suspend it enough to get that there is a monster on the loose, with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun, who is also some kind of robot. But I draw the line at running down the face of a building, in an effort to get to the bottom... and she's not even running down it
- Jay

  • Code Veronica references abound

  • A fistfight with Nemesis... because that makes sense

  • There's still 25 minutes of the film left?!

Steady on Shang Tsung
- Squidge

  • "I can give you the world on a platter"

  • Criminal underuse of LJ

  • How does the virus actually work?

  • Hubris?

  • "I won't beg" also "WAIT!"

  • More shakey fist logic than you could shake a fist at

  • 1-800-555-JAIL

  • Alice is reborn (a.k.a "Lets rip off Alien Resurrection")

It's a step too far in a movie about the dead coming back to life
- AndrewD

  • Alice is Eve from Parasite Eve now?

  • Wait, Alice is a robot now?

  • An ending that makes no sense

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, some out-of-context screen grabs from the movie, and some links to related things.
Did you listen to part one? What did you think to our recap at the start of this episode? When do they drop the nuke? Who asks for the nuke's yield!? Why did Mr. Fantastic make a young girl cry? And whose eyebrows offend Andrew?

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Resident Evil Apocalypse and the Shakey Fist Logic (part two)

Resident Evil Apocalypse and the Shakey Fist Logic (part two)

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