Resident Evil and The Paper Kimono

Resident Evil and The Paper Kimono

Update: 2020-10-30


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For Spoopy season 2020 (although this year has already been pretty spoopy, right?), Squidge and I wanted to talk about the absolute horror that is the 2002 Paul W.S. Anderson movie: Resident Evil. A film that missed the point so much, that the point may as well be on the head of a pin.

This movie has it all:

  • Milla Jovlovololboppopovich showing two facial expressions

  • Michelle Rodriguez being the most Michelle Rodriguez she has ever been

  • A bunch of other actors who are more bothered about figuring out how they can fire their agents

  • Relatively good (for the time) CGI

  • A few practical special effects

  • Way too many Deus ex machina's to be taken seriously

  • A text-based intro crawl

  • Zombies

Being the big fans of Resident Evil that we are, we've wanted to talk about this movie for a long time. And Spoop-tober 2020 seems right. So here it is.

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, and some links to related things.

Are you a fan of the Resident Evil movie? If so, what about it makes it fun to watch? Have you ever read the George A. Romero screenplay? Would that have made a better movie?

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Resident Evil and The Paper Kimono

Resident Evil and The Paper Kimono

The Waffling Taylors