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Resilience and Security with Kris Coleman

Resilience and Security with Kris Coleman

Update: 2021-06-23


What does it look like to be resilient? Many of us have lost our edge after a year in our homes and many have become unprepared to handle the unexpected. Listen on to find out about five pillars of resilience from our guest’s book Raise Your Resiliency.

Today’s guest is Kris Coleman. Kris has served with the CIA conducting threat and vulnerability assessments and for the FBI as a special agent. He is also an author and the founder and CEO of Red Five Security, which provides state of the art security and protective intelligence services. 

What are you prepared for and what can you do to be more resilient in any scenario?

Show Notes:

  • [0:54 ] - Kris shares his background and the many paths he has taken on his career which includes everything from minor security to protecting against terrorists.
  • [2:44 ] - When Kris was hired by a private family to redo their entire security platform, he realized what Red Five should be.
  • [4:31 ] - There are some misconceptions regarding what Kris does with Red Five Security.
  • [6:24 ] - Some affluent families that Kris works with are very public facing and some never leave the house. Kris explains the spectrum his clients are on.
  • [8:10 ] - “The more you can stay off the radar, the better off you’re going to be.” 
  • [9:18 ] - Kris takes a look at a client’s digital footprint and looks at some things that can be done to help keep below the radar.
  • [10:01 ] - Kris shares common sense tips for security. For high profile clients, this can get tricky.
  • [11:37 ] - Under stress, fine motor skills are hard to execute.
  • [12:44 ] - Chris shares an experience about being in a different country and they did not have ambulances.
  • [13:56 ] - Even when clients travel to another state within the US, it is crucial for Kris’s team to know the environment they’re headed to.
  • [15:38 ] - Even the best neighborhoods can easily turn into a dangerous place.
  • [16:37 ] - Chris illustrates this with a news story of a private party being misunderstood as a huge organized event. Even something seemingly harmless can turn.
  • [17:58 ] - Kris shares a story about an extremely successful businessman feeling completely helpless.
  • [19:26 ] - We need individual resiliency on a national scale. This need created Resiliency for Executives and Leaders (REAL).
  • [20:41 ] - Once Kris has worked with executives and leaders, they have a whole new sense of confidence.
  • [21:56 ] - REAL isn’t just for the wealthy. This program teaches people skills needed to be prepared for anything, especially natural disasters and storms.
  • [24:11 ] - For business owners, is your business ready for anything? Kris shares that his company had a plan for a pandemic prior to Covid-19.
  • [25:00 ] - Kris is the author of Raise Your Resiliency. He planned on writing a book about security, but Covid changed his direction.
  • [25:56 ] - The three units that need to survive and thrive are the individual, the family, and the business.
  • [26:31 ] - The Five Pillars of Resilience are: awareness, mindset, fitness, skills, and relationship.
  • [27:54 ] - Regarding mindset, when it comes to resilience, you need to have a positive, growth, and survival mindset.
  • [28:53 ] - Kris gives examples of a catastrophic mindset that many people had during the pandemic. Mindset and awareness are a choice.
  • [29:24 ] - Fitness applies to physical, mental, and emotional strength in the three units (individual, family, and business).
  • [30:14 ] - Kris lists many skills that a lot of people are not ready for, specifically now after a year of being stuck at home.
  • [31:13 ] - The fifth pillar is relationships. This applies to your neighbors and community and not just your immediate family.
  • [34:37 ] - In a lot of cases, things can be problematic for people in just a couple of hours due to lack of planning and preparedness.
  • [37:40 ] - Things may sometimes feel redundant when preparing for anything.
  • [38:33 ] - Your geographical location makes a difference in the type of things you need to prepare for. Take a risk assessment of your environment.
  • [40:23 ] - Make the situation work for you when preparing for different events. Look at the likelihood of things to prepare for.
  • [41:25 ] - Kris shares how the risk of civil unrest is higher in certain parts of the country over others.
  • [43:03 ] - Prepare for an emergency and if something doesn’t happen, practice using it and restock it. Cycle the emergency food and supplies every few months.

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Resilience and Security with Kris Coleman

Resilience and Security with Kris Coleman

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