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Rethinking Productivity with Tim Campos

Rethinking Productivity with Tim Campos

Update: 2019-12-20


If you truly want to solve a problem, solve the pain that it causes. When the pain is being felt by the executive at Facebook, then you know it's a problem that others face too. As the CIO of Facebook, Tim Campos was tasked with solving the pain the team was experiencing through the management of calendars, productivity, and the dreaded meeting. Tim took the lessons to build Woven. Woven is helping individuals and companies take back their calendars and start spending time on what matters most to them.

In today's episode, we chat about productivity, technology and community, the culture driving Facebook, rethinking time, problem-solving, and much more.


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About Tim Campos
As the former Chief Information Officer at Facebook, Tim Campos doubled
overall productivity to $1.8 million per employee - making it the most
productive company in the world. Now, as CEO of Woven, he's taking those
lessons to reimagine how people use their calendar, so they can spend time
on what matters most to them.

Two weeks after Tim started as CIO of Facebook in 2010, Mark Zuckerberg
summoned him to his office for an urgent meeting. Once there, he met with
Zuckerberg’s Executive Assistant, who lambasted the company’s internal
calendar app and urged Tim to fix it. From that moment, Tim set to work
designing creative tools that would help Facebook employees easily find
optimal times and places to meet. It was so successful that it helped Tim
double Facebook’s productivity from $900,000 to $1.8 million per employee
over his tenure — five times more than most tech companies.

Tim’s experience managing productivity for the entire Facebook workforce
helped him realize that traditional calendars are broken. In 2016, he left
Facebook to co-found Woven, an intelligent calendar that helps busy
professionals maximize their most valuable asset - time.








Rethinking Productivity with Tim Campos

Rethinking Productivity with Tim Campos

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