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RetroMania Wrestling Returns with Mike Harman

RetroMania Wrestling Returns with Mike Harman

Update: 2021-02-12


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Content Warning

At 9:54 , there’s a discussion of things jiggling, and whether they needed to be censored, but we keep it clean. 

Please listen responsibly.
Show Notes
We were incredibly lucky to be able to grab some time with Mike Hermann back on December 12, 2020 (honestly, we really do record these ahead of time) and he agreed to be on the show again. His previous appearance was on episode 75, which dropped on April 17, 2020 (here’s a link to that episode).

Lot’s of things have happened since our last chat with him. Not least of which, a whole slew of new features and wrestlers have been announced. Also, we’re 14 days away from release. How exciting is that? Better get ready for a big pop.

We start things off by welcoming Mike back onto the show, and talking about the new release date; Feb 26th, 2021. We also talk about the amazing developer vlogs that Mike has been putting out, which document the development of the game. We also talk about how, in development at least, showing your progress more than once a week could be a waste of time. This is usually because not enough time has gone by for you to make any progress between each report.

Mike then drops the knowledge that Jay & Silent Bob will be in the game. At the time we recorded this episode, we were the first to know about this’ but because of the time cast pod machine wibbly wobbly-ness, we were the last to report it 😢

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, and some links to related things.

Are you looking forward to RetroMania Wrestling? Will you be looking to unlock all 39 achievements? What about the IIRcade, will you be getting one? Is Warhorse perfectly balance?

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RetroMania Wrestling Returns with Mike Harman

RetroMania Wrestling Returns with Mike Harman

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