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Reviving A Small-Town Lodge

Reviving A Small-Town Lodge

Update: 2021-02-08


Sister Stacy Thomason of Gold Hill Lodge #129 in Oregon joins us.  In less that two years of membership, Stacy has become an amazing dynamo of activity, breathing new life into her small-town lodge.  She has created a seed swap, a book exchange, a little free food pantry, and something she calls her "Odd Fellows Propaganda Machine."  She fills us in on all the details about her amazing projects and how they have brought her lodge and her community much closer together.  She also talks about some of the other activities they have done in Gold Hill and how she has been able to successfully promote them.  The conversation meanders around to a number of different topics, from the decor of Spencer Butte Lodge #9 in Eugene, Oregon, to everyone's favorite type of pie, to highlights of Oregon's dairy products industry, and Toby's story about signing someone up for membership in a Rest Area in the middle of the night somewhere in rural Oregon.  The Lodge Shoutout goes this time to a lodge in need of help, Mackinaw #380 of New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania.  The Grand Lodge of PA is looking for some new members for that lodge and we want to spread the word.  All that plus Christopher McHale's snack genius in the Odd Podge.

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Reviving A Small-Town Lodge

Reviving A Small-Town Lodge

Toby Hanson, Ainslie Heilich, Sergio Paredes