DiscoverYou Talk It. We Live It.Revolutionize the Revolution. #5
Revolutionize the Revolution. #5

Revolutionize the Revolution. #5

Update: 2020-07-28


You Talk It. We Live It host River  talks with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter and founder of Portland's Fingers Crossed Interpreting Andrew Tolman, and their efforts to help make protests in Portland, Oregon more  accessible to the D/deaf community.

Here are some interesting facts about the D/deaf community: 

Deaf with an uppercase D 

  • Deaf with an uppercase D is often used to describe people who were born deaf, or who became deaf and actively engage in the deaf community.  
  • People who identify as uppercase Deaf tend to prefer using sign language, as it may be their first language. 
  • The deaf community has its own culture and sense of identity, based on a shared language. Deaf people (with a capital D) are usually proud of their Deaf identity.  

Deaf with a lowercase d 

  • Deaf with a lowercase d is used to describe anyone who has the medical condition of hearing loss.   
  • People who identify as lowercase d deaf tend not to have a strong connection to the deaf community. They are also most likely to use speech over sign language. 
  • Sometimes deaf is used to refer to people who are hard of hearing too.   

Hard of Hearing 

  • Hard of hearing is used to describe someone with mild to moderate hearing loss.  
  • Those who identify as hard of hearing often don’t use sign language as their preferred language. 

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Revolutionize the Revolution. #5

Revolutionize the Revolution. #5

You Talk It. We Live It.