Rewiring Your Brain for Greatness!

Rewiring Your Brain for Greatness!

Update: 2019-01-10


Understanding some basic knowledge of brain functions and the neuroscience behind forming habits empowers you to take action with less reservation. When you become aware of cognitive response, you’ll realize how plausible it is to re-wire or retrain your brain, creating new neural pathways and ultimately new mind sets.

The only caveat is your willingness and determination to persist no matter how you may feel or what circumstances try to dissuade you. Most of us have heard that we can alter a mindset within 21-30 days. Interestingly, this philosophy stems from what is called “neuroplasticity.

Over the course of your lifetime, many ideas, thoughts, beliefs and skills have entered into your mind creating new neural pathways and neural networks. These neural networks are the composition of your sub-conscious. The process of growing neural pathways and networks has been going on since even before your birth until now. 

Each time you are exposed to something new, your neurons begin the growth of what’s called “dendrites.” The dendrite is a pinkish brown protein substance which will grow and lengthen until it connects with the axon of another neuron.  This process occurs as a result of electrical impulses in the brain targeting specific sections of neurons, often based on previous beliefs or concepts. From infant to adult, each time we learn something new, we are creating new connections .  Each connection is called a synaptic connection. A fully grown adult brain can have as many as a thousand trillion synaptic connections. 

Networks of neural pathways are related and will determine how we think, how we process and how we perceive our world around us.  The more thoughts you have about a particular subject, idea, issue or skill, the more neural connections will form, creating multiple networks in your brain bent in each direction. Whether positive or negative, you have built each and every network in your brain over a lifetime. Think of the many influences you have been exposed to including ideals, education, tragedies, people, and things. In many cases, if something painful has happened in our past, we will have grown a large network in that area due to thinking on it for weeks, months, years and even decades. 

Excerpts and insights* from Chapter 2 of "Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine: A Guide to Creating a Success Routine"
Book Contains:

  • 7 Actual Case Studies
  • The Brain Science Behind Habits
  • Retraining Your Brain Through Cognitive Restructuring
  • Heart Science, Energy and the Law of Attraction
  • Powerful Principles of Influence and Greatness
  • Tips and Tools to Build Your Success Routine

*Certain portions have been added to actual book excerpts by the author.

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Rewiring Your Brain for Greatness!

Rewiring Your Brain for Greatness!

Michelle L Steffes, Author / Speaker / Trainer / Coach