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Reworking The Classics With BARRELHOUSE

Reworking The Classics With BARRELHOUSE

Update: 2022-01-07


Brisbane metal outfit Barrelhouse are not your normal, conventional exponents of heavy metal music.
Rising from the ashes of death metal band Nescient, Barrelhouse bring you everything you love about metal, and possibly some things you didn’t realise you loved in the first place.
Mixing elements of swing and jazz with distorted guitars, menacing vocals and the occasional blast beat, Barrelhouse play a brand of music that is uniquely their own with stunning results.
It is an amalgamation that technically shouldn’t work on paper but when combined together creates a maelstrom of musical force that should ultimately redefine the way some of us listen to metal.
The entire band – Alex, Liam, Jim and Jacob – joined us for a chat earlier this week to discuss the bands latest single “Ring A Ding Ding.”
"That song’s actually based on a Frank Sinatra song,” Jim explained, “in lyrical themes anyway. In his version it's all about falling in love and getting married and all that stuff and we kind of went in the opposite. “Ring A Ding Ding” is like the alarm bells ringing in a bad relationship with red flags going off so it's kind of like set like that which is a cool concept. It's just fucken groovy man."
In the full interview the band talks more about the single, the musical components that make it special, mixing so many forms of music cohesively, using harsh vocals over a more rock landscape, future music, touring plans and more.








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Reworking The Classics With BARRELHOUSE

Reworking The Classics With BARRELHOUSE

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