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Richard Taylor, Good Coffee & Good Audio for Podcasts

Richard Taylor, Good Coffee & Good Audio for Podcasts

Update: 2020-02-29


Richard Taylor is a man of many talents, a life-long musician, video producer, editor, post-production supervisor, audio engineer, Apple-certified FCPX Trainer, 15-year podcaster, host of the Final Cut Pro Radio podcast and host of FCPX TV.

Host Cirina Catania interviews him about creating great audio for podcasting and much more on this episode of OWC RADiO.

What is a podcast? Hint: It’s not an audio file. In fact, in 2004, the first podcasts were special because they were downloaded automatically via RSS feeds. In today’s streaming world, it’s hard to imagine how revolutionary this innovation was.

Richard Taylor is a legendary podcaster who was there to witness the birth of a new medium that since has grown into a global phenomenon. 

Listen in to Richard's podcasts at and and follow RichardTaylorTV on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Periscope and Instagram.

For more about our host, filmmaker, tech maven and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, Cirina Catania, visit

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In This Episode

* 00:12 - Cirina introduces Richard Taylor, producer, editor, and host of Final Cut Pro Radio and FCPX.TV.* 06:21 - Richard tells the story of when he captured a video when he moved out of his house that he built on his own.* 11:43 - Richard shares how Adam Curry and Dave Winer were the first people to create a podcast way back August 2004.* 19:16 - Cirina recalls how she enjoyed working in a radio station back in the day when she was working for AFN Radio.* 26:45 - Richard explains how he records interviews over Skype with the use of various equipment and software.* 31:30 - Richard shares how he edits his outstanding quality audios.* 39:24 - Richard explains why you need to pay attention to the audio quality and how it overall affects the video quality.* 47:04 - Richard shares how radio recording is like a trial and error, you have to test multiple times for you to get it right and make it seamless.* 55:09 - Cirina shares how she conveniently did mobile filmmaking in Sicily just by bringing her iPhone 11 Pro Max capturing the great scenery of the town.* 1:01:57 - Visit Richard Taylor’s website, and follow him in his social media accounts to stay updated with his weekly shows.

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This is Cirina Catania with OWC Radio. I have Richard Taylor with me. He is a producer, editor, post-production supervisor for eight years at the National Archives. But we know him in our community as a Final Cut expert. He's also the host of Final Cut Pro Radio and FCPX.TV. And both shows which I have been on and I love, so you need to watch those. Richard, how are you?

Hi, I'm doing well on the East Coast of the USA. I gotta always plug the East Coast because everybody is from the West Coast these days.

You guys aren't gonna believe what happened. I got up at five o'clock this morning because I moved to a new p...
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Richard Taylor, Good Coffee & Good Audio for Podcasts

Richard Taylor, Good Coffee & Good Audio for Podcasts

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