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Riding The Waves With INSTYNKT

Riding The Waves With INSTYNKT

Update: 2022-09-30


Melbourne rock outfit Instynkt are riding the wave of youth and success, having previously introduced themselves to the world with the songs Dance With Me, Angel In Disguise, Dominatrix and Flower, each song highlighting differing sides to the band's musical make up.
With the recent release of punchy new single Ride, Instynkt have further solidified their credentials, releasing their first ever music video along with the song.
Charlie and Matt joined HEAVY this week to discuss the single and what the future holds for Instynkt.
"The song came about with me," Matt began, "I was just jamming away in my room on the acoustic guitar and trying to think of good hooks and stuff and came up with the pre chorus for Ride, and it went from there. I wrote this whole radio rock thing in all of 20 minutes, brought it to the boys and it was pretty organic. There wasn't much thought go into it."
"I reckon you played it once," Charlie took over, "and then we played through it twice and that was the song."
In the full interview, the boys talk more about Ride, the musical aspect and what they were going for, filming their first video on the beach and the joys that go with it, having an old school pub rock sound and where it comes from, future music, tours and more.








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Riding The Waves With INSTYNKT

Riding The Waves With INSTYNKT

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