Righteous Suffering - Episode 14

Righteous Suffering - Episode 14

Update: 2020-05-26


Speaking on the times that I've spent in jail . . . plus many spiritual insights as they relate to The Holy Bible. Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen. I hope you're inspired by the things you hear.

As you may have heard, I've spent more time in jail held in contempt, longer than most others I've met who've gone to prison. Its a long story but since accepting this position with God, The Holy Trinity, I've suffered through jail or the courts.

I went into detail in this episode as to why. There's a battle of good and evil happening right now and we're all fighting for one side of the other. I remind you that those who persecuted Jesus thought they were in the right to do what they did to him too.

Our message is a reminder to the world that God is and will always be "The One" governing life, and that when He gives command, its not merely a suggestion. If we were all following His perfect example, there wouldn't be any unrighteous suffering.

God said, "Count it all joy when you fall into various trials", the reason for that is when we do we get the blessing of shining bright on the darkness and then glorifying our Father in heaven.

If you struggle with your faith I hope you will follow my example and repent, stop sinning. Stop going against God, stop fighting for the wrong side. Stand upright for goodness sake.

Thanks again for taking a moment to listen to our podcast. I do hope you are inspired. God is moving through me to help many people around the world, He showed me every person we would affect with our walk, you were there. He said they'll speak of the things we do for generations and generations and generations.

His Word is True, I found it in The Holy Bible.

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God bless you

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Righteous Suffering - Episode 14

Righteous Suffering - Episode 14

James Martinez