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Rise And Grind w/ Glenn Lundy

Rise And Grind w/ Glenn Lundy

Update: 2022-06-04


In this episode, we invite Glenn Lundy. Glenn is a husband to 1, father to 8, Auto Industry Leader, Motivational Speaker, and on a mission to change the way you start your day. The #RISEANDGRIND morning show and the Facebook group community are a place for people to come together, lean on one another, and create a powerful and positive impact on this world.

What you will learn:

- Dealing with the negativity on the internet
- Why did Glenn start with his show, #RiseAndGrind
- The origin of the equation: Frequency + Proximity = Affinity
- The #RiseAndGrind Community
- Making of the first-ever episode of the #RiseAndGrind Show
- How to transform anything in your life
- The power of consistency and morning routine

Mic Drops Moments

🎤Glenn at (04:44 ) - For marketing purposes, having a show every day. And I would say, “Hey! My name is Glenn Lundy. I’m a husband to one, a father to five, General Manager at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick in Paris, Kentucky.”

🎤Glenn at (06:56 ) - I’m waking up a little groggy or a little tired, but I’m going. Bro, you got to do a show. What if there is somebody sitting in their car right now with a gun, waiting for you to say their name.

🎤Glenn at (08:30 ) - Why the morning? Because I have got a lot of kids, bro.

🎤Glenn at (10:18 ) - There is also no competition.

🎤Glenn at (13:11 ) - Our Rise And Grind audience is a loyal community that will go to the end of the earth for each other. Because they see each other every morning too. They say good morning to each other. So the frequency is there, the proximity is there, and the impact is there.

🎤Glenn at (18:52 ) - Consistent discipline compounded daily equals transformation.

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Rise And Grind w/ Glenn Lundy

Rise And Grind w/ Glenn Lundy

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