Rising Above The Interference

Rising Above The Interference

Update: 2021-04-09


I love tattoos, but I waited until I turned 50-year-old to get my first. There was no deep meaning to my delay, only ScottLOGIC - my way of thinking.

In my mind, it made perfect sense to wait until my body decided it wasn't going to get any prettier as it age. Then I would start decorating it.

My wife and I had talked about my goal of getting a tattoo. For my birthday, she presented me with an envelope of cash to pay for my new body art and asked,

"Have you decided what you want?"

While I was in no hurry, I knew what I wanted to across the back of my shoulders. It was my attitude about rising above the interference and surviving modern life.

If you found yourself behind me at the beach, you would see the tattoo center is an old-fashioned compass. It serves a North Star and points in the direction of my future.

From the center, wings stretch broadly across most of my back. They are lifting me forward and upward toward a large mountain. I am climbing to the highest point on Earth and seeking peace from the craziness below.

For me, life is about soaring above the interference that exists in our daily lives. It's about overcoming the obstacles and thinking for ourselves. It is about living to our full potential.

Below, where most spend their time, it is difficult -- with everybody is pulling us into their world. Starting the day in mud and ending in quicksand is no way to enjoy yourself. And you can't get ahead with everybody else is in your head. Finding a way to rise above the masses' interference is how you become the person you are meant to be.

Seek to rise above what interferes with your dreams. That's where you will find the success and happiness you desire.









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Rising Above The Interference

Rising Above The Interference