Rising Up With Susan May

Rising Up With Susan May

Update: 2022-04-28


Susan May is the Founder of RiseUP with Susan May and the RiseUP Community. The RiseUP mission is to help medical freedom advocates and "new normal" skeptics overcome their fears by creating like-minded virtual communities, and energizing individuals to take empowered action in their lives. 

Susan's life uniquely prepared her for this moment in time and she is determined to use all she has learned to help others who are drawn to the RiseUP vision. How was she uniquely prepared? When the madness hit the world in 2020, her family's path had led them to be in a different place than most. They had already begun to "unplug" from the mainstream education, medical and media systems. This proved to be extremely beneficial. It all started 17+ years ago when Susan began to learn about fertility, then natural childbirth (and eventually hypnosis for childbirth). Those topics then led to attachment parenting, alternative views of health and unschooling. What a ride it's been!

As an extrovert and people lover, sharing comes naturally to Susan and she thrives on deep connections. Funneling her energy into helping others is deeply satisfying. The unschooling philosophy that humans are natural learners and that the our relationships are the most important thing in our lives, has shaped her overall life and business philosophy.

You can connect with Susan on Facebook and Instagram: Rise UP with Susan May

Website: Together Walking









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Rising Up With Susan May

Rising Up With Susan May

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