DiscoverRisk Matters X.0Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact
Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact

Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact

Update: 2020-05-19


Episode 2: Let’s talk Risk Perception as we confront COVID-19. Go behind-the-scenes in this episode to understand how risk professionals assess public safety threats using real-life data to debunk some of our common fears. Applying an objective lens is crucial in knowing how to manage risk in times of uncertainty. 

About the hosts:

“As we look at and discuss all things related to risk, this conversation focuses on how we perceive different types of risk,” says host Jake Stenzler, Vice President of Government services at ABS Group. Stenzler leads a division that has done a significant amount of work helping to establish some of the highest profile and most widely used risk models for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and the Coast Guard. 

Matt Mowrer, Director of Product Development and Innovation, has led the advancement of risk methodologies and models to manage a variety of hazardous situations carrying enormous impact to health, safety and the environment. “This becomes a fascinating study of how we communicate risk and how we perceive risk,” says Mowrer. “Our goal is to provide objective data about risk to decision-makers as we structure ways to think about risk…so if I come across as callous in this discussion, it’s just part of it.”

About ABS Group:
ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and efficiency of critical assets and operations. Headquartered in Spring, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1,000 professionals in over 20 countries serving the marine and offshore, oil, gas and chemical, government and industrial sectors. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS, one of the world's leading marine and offshore classification societies.

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Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact

Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact

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