DiscoverEmerge: Making Sense of What's NextRob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment
Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

Update: 2021-07-241


Rob McNamara is an author, leadership coach, advisor and consultant with expertise in adult development and human performance. He is a co-founder of the leading consulting firm Delta Developmental, a faculty member for the Ivey School of Business' LIFT Advanced Coaching Program, and is a Senior Monk and Integral Zen Dharma Holder training with Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi. McNamara’s coaching focuses leaders on clarifying life purpose, growing critical leadership skills to advance value creation and fostering organizational development to enhance learning and innovation.

MAPLE Fundamentals Online Training (Cohort Begins August 8th)

Vision Quest at the Monastic Academy (September 10th - 19th)

Show Notes:

00:02 Who do we need to become to navigate this planetary meta-crisis?

00:05 “Revolutionary enfoldment” / new vectors of development

00:10 Limitations of just adding more complexity

00:18 Takes 10 years. Do we even have that? XR: “sacrifice for future generation” — Hero frame

00:26 Exploring other distinctions / sovereignty and surrender

00:33 “If we’re not willing to die, we don’t get to touch the ineffable grace of life”

00:36 The diversification of identity

00:43 The illumined reality / world as image structure

00:51 What needs to happen in public? / education

00:55 How do we cultivate the capacity to attune to image? / image is prior to language

01:04 Circling / need for community

01:08 “giving someone an image that is not their own”

01:11 Omniwin / “image structure is not an exhaustible resource”

01:14 Finite and infinite games / “switching arena of pathos to soul-making” / “game on, forever”

01:16 How to increase access to this?

01:19 Organizational development / “If this is our last thing, what do we do?”

01:22 How do we ground this in community? / problem-solving / play

01:25 Robert = “bright counselor”

01:28 Wrap-up


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Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

Rob McNamara - Adult Development & Ensoulment

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