DiscoverA Date With DatelineRobert Durst: The Secret Tapes S.27 Ep.51
Robert Durst: The Secret Tapes S.27 Ep.51

Robert Durst: The Secret Tapes S.27 Ep.51

Update: 2019-08-291


This week’s recap finds Kimberly and Katie reviewing an update Dateline from their other favorite K. That’s right, the lean king himself Mr. Keith Morrison is reporting on tale, and a man, as old as time – the fascinating case(s) of Robert Durst. Kimberly and Katie discuss The Jinx, illicit drug use among the elderly, catalog ready-to-wear courtroom fashion and the importance of finding a good dry cleaner in NOLA when you really need one. As Texas’ most infamous defense attorney would say- this episode of ADWD is like trying to eat a chicken salad sandwich on a fence post on a windy day. Sometimes your chicken salad has raisins in it for no dag gum reason and sometimes you realize that isn’t chicken salad at all… it’s a taco. Please enjoy this insightful, complicated and very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline.

Official Description from NBCU: Rarely-seen video is revealed of Robert Durst’s friends testifying for the prosecution as to why he might have killed his best friend, Susan Berman. Keith Morrison reports.

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Robert Durst: The Secret Tapes S.27 Ep.51

Robert Durst: The Secret Tapes S.27 Ep.51

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