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Robert Mueller Breaks His Silence

Robert Mueller Breaks His Silence

Update: 2019-05-3067


Robert Mueller, the special counsel, discussed his investigation of Russian election interference for the first time on Wednesday. He did not absolve President Trump of obstruction of justice, saying: “If we had enough confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Guest: Michael S. Schmidt, who has been covering the special counsel investigation for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit

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Thomas Franklin

look at these dumbfucks writing paragraphs lol.

May 31st
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A prosecutor's job is never to exonerate a person. It is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to indict him and bring forth charges. Mueller did not choose to recommend charges. He very easily could've said "if Trump was not the President I would recommend charges, however the OLC ruling prohibits the President from being indicted". He also could've suggested charges for literally any person within the scope of the investigation because the OLC ruling only applies to the President. The entire Trump administration was investigated for 2+ years essentially and he could've recommended charges for anyone. Now the NYT and the unhinged liberal media will run with that one quote that is not even Mueller's job or the basis of the entire investigation. Their talking points have been destroyed. Mueller literally said Barr released the entire report that he was able to in good faith and that he appreciates that Barr did so. Additionally Barr's job was to summarize THE CRIMINAL FINDINGS, not summarize the entire 448 page report that he released to the public because everyone can read that it they want since he made it public. He accurately described the criminal ramifications. Meanwhile NYT and CNN and the rest of the unhinged leftist media have been claiming Barr is now onstructing too. It is way past the time to move on from this embarrassing investigation. If the Democrats want to impeach, they can! Impeachment standards and criminal standards are different. They can impeach if they'd like to but STOP HOLDING YOUR BREATH FOR CRIMINAL CHARGES.

May 30th
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Travis Tern

if hiring 13 Democrat donors to lead his investigation didnt convince you Mueller was a partisan hack then yesterday laid it out for everyone to see

May 30th

Travis Tern

if the state cannot prove you committed a crime you are considered "not guilty".. for Bob Mueller this disgrace to transfer the burden of proof to Trump to PROVE he was innocent is a disgusting mischaracterization of the law. He couldnt ne charged. NOT GUILTY

May 30th
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Robert Mueller Breaks His Silence

Robert Mueller Breaks His Silence