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Robert Walter of Greyboy Allstars

Robert Walter of Greyboy Allstars

Update: 2020-06-26


A quarter century since releasing their debut, West Coast Boogaloo, the Greyboy All-Stars are set to release their first record in almost 7 years, Como De Allstars. The title track is everything you've come to expect from this jazz and funk outfit with their boogaloo blend. While there is some timely chanting on the title track which we'll get to in our interview with Robert Walter of the band, make no mistake, this band is still the Greyboy Allstars, with even greater musical chops and prowess. I can't tell you how excited I was when I got a notification that the new single existed and indeed when I followed up and listened to it, I was giddy dancing in my condo. So it was with that, that I tracked down Robert Walter the keyboardist in the outfit to talk about the decision to put out new music even though they aren't the once active touring band they were in their hay day with each member moving on to more full time jobs. And that is exactly where the conversation started when I asked what the impetus was for the new record. 

First Song: 00:56 : Let The Music Take Your Mind

Interview Begins: 06:35

Extro Song: 39:31 - Como De Allstars

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Robert Walter of Greyboy Allstars

Robert Walter of Greyboy Allstars

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