Roblox: David Baszucki

Roblox: David Baszucki

Update: 2022-08-154


In 2003, David Baszucki wanted to go viral. He had already sold a company that made educational software, and now he wanted to build something with mass appeal; with build-your-own avatars and myriad opportunities for users to compete and connect online. So in 2006, he and his co-founder Erik Cassel launched Roblox, a platform where you can play millions of different games, set in a wide array of virtual worlds.

You can adopt a pet, escape from jail, build and run your own restaurant, or solve a murder mystery; you can even create games of your own. During the start of the pandemic in 2020, half of the kids in the US were keeping in touch via Roblox, and today, the company is worth over 28 billion dollars.

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Paula Sun

hello, I have enjoyed your show for years, but recently I noticed there has been a background music to these episodes. they are mostly repeated tunes of a short music pattern, which over a few minutes, my mind identifies their repeated pattern, and I find it hard to focus on the dialogues and find the music almost becomes a foreground music for me. it sounds very distracting and disruptive. I could barely focus on the interview contents. I think the main problem is the short repeated pattern. if the music were a soft long tune would probably work better.

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Roblox: David Baszucki

Roblox: David Baszucki