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Rocksteady Tonight - Episode #60: Boot Boy Oi!

Rocksteady Tonight - Episode #60: Boot Boy Oi!

Update: 2020-12-10


For a long time Rick and I have been kicking around the idea of churning out an episode of Oi! Tunes, but you have the usual complications when doing such a thing. This time we said to Hell with what the idiots thing, plus we had the blessing of the Grand Pooba of Boot Boy Radio. So what you've got is a mighty fine collection of Oi! tunes from yesteryear to present day. This should be enough to incite some aggro in the most steadfast fans of Rocksteady! And don't forget the Guinness!  Let us know if you enjoy this show, we are thinking of adding one to the mix mothly.

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As always thanks for listening

~Cheers Phil & Rick -

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The Playlist is as follows:

Pist'N'Broke - Skinhead for Life
Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
Cockney Rejects - Oi! Oi! Oi!
4 Skins - Chaos
Cock Sparrer - We're Coming Back
Vanilla Muffins - Sugar Oi Come On
Angelic Upstarts - Last Night Another Soldier
The Business - Harry May
The Last Resort - Freedom
Blitz - New Age
The Templars - Modern Day Ripper
Patriot - Cohesion
Broken Heroes - Media Blowout
Victory - Laced Up
Bishops Green - The Crow
Evil Conduct - Time for Action
Lion's Law - Lafayette
Legion 76 - Banners Fall
Thunder and Glory - The Departed
Harrington Saints - Fremont Train
The Drowns - The Harder They Come
The Take - Elitist
Crown Court - Sammy Skyves
The Press - Revolution Now
The Oppressed - Gudbuy T' Jane
The Prowlers - John Jones
Oi! The Arrase - Solidaridad
The Crack - Don't Just Sit There
Suede Razors - (I'm A) Bovver Boy
The Strike - Skinhead
Infa Riot - Kids Of The Eighties
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven - Baby









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Rocksteady Tonight - Episode #60: Boot Boy Oi!

Rocksteady Tonight - Episode #60: Boot Boy Oi!

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