DiscoverThe Ezra Klein ShowRod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED]
Rod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED]

Rod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED]

Update: 2019-07-089


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In 2017, Rod Dreher published The Benedict Option, a book arguing that America has grown so hostile to Orthodox Christian practice and morals that believers need to retreat into sealed communities to wait out the cultural storm. It’s a window into a mindset that is increasingly powerful in politics but befuddling to those who don’t share its premise: How have so many white Christians come to feel like America’s most persecuted class?

Dreher writes about the monastics, but he lives the engaged life. He’s a senior editor at the American Conservative, where he writes a popular blog confronting American politics and culture from an Orthodox Christian perspective. I asked him on the show to try to see the world through his eyes and better understand some of the debates splitting the country.

How can a country so suffused in Christian culture seem so hostile to Christians? Why does the Christian right focus so much on sexuality rather than poverty, lust rather than greed? How can a religion built around such radical openness to strangers embrace Trump’s approach to borders and migrants? What is the line between protecting religious liberty and accepting widespread discrimination? And do blogs like Dreher’s, which trawl the culture for the stories meant to make Christians feel persecuted and appalled, just drive a deeper wedge into our politics?

Dreher is thoughtful, eloquent, and open, and this is a conversation that left us both questioning some premises. A lot of the points we differ on can’t be settled by debate, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for understanding.

Book recommendations:

The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin

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Keyser soze

When your argument can be boiled down to " things were better in the dark ages, the early ones, not those highfalutin later ones," you may have a problem...

Nov 26th
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Nicolas Brylle

Talk about being a snowflake hahaha. And the hypocrisy...

Jul 9th

Elliott Wallace

This character is a piece of work.

Jul 8th


The decline of Christian America is not necessarily an inevitable trend. People are abandoning Christianity because the religion, at the hight of its political power, failed terrifically at addressing society's basic human needs. Instead, Christianity was hijacked by right wing conservatism and weaponised as a crutch for its political goal. While the country shift towards left of centre, Christianity still has a place in progressive politics. It requires leaders within these religious institutions to stop "conserving" and start "progressing."

Jul 8th








Rod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED]

Rod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED]