DiscoverTalking with AuthorsRoddy Doyle: "Love: A Novel"
Roddy Doyle: "Love: A Novel"

Roddy Doyle: "Love: A Novel"

Update: 2020-10-29


This is the thirty-seventh episode of "Talking with Authors" by HEC Media and HEC Books. We're a program dedicated to speaking with some of the best selling authors around, covering many different genres.

Today, our guest is a screenwriter and Booker Prize  winning author, Roddy Doyle. We spoke with him via Zoom in June of 2020 about his newest book “Love: A Novel” by publisher Penguin Random House.

Roddy Doyle has placed the setting of many of his 11 novels for adults in and around his home stomping grounds of Dublin.“Love: A Novel” continues in that vein. This tale centers around a pub crawl of two 50-year-old drinking buddies of decades. They find that this on night out they try to talk a bit more deeply than they ever have with hopes of continuing a their kinship on a more mature level. The subject of love comes up and they talk about a woman that they knew long ago in their younger days of carousing. Roddy wrote this conversation with some intentional ambiguity. And from their talk about their past object desire, the book hits on the subject of different kinds of love, including love between childhood friends. We’ll hear more about the winding path the book takes AND about the recent screenplay work of award winning writer Roddy Doyle on this edition Talking With Authors from HEC Media and HEC Books.

Our host and interviewer this time is Brenda Madden.

HEC Media is a production company out of St. Louis, Missouri.  With the help of independent bookstore Left Bank Books and St. Louis County Library, we are able to sit down with these amazing writers and thought leaders to discuss their work, their inspiration, and what makes them special. You can watch video versions of most of our interviews at

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Roddy Doyle: "Love: A Novel"

Roddy Doyle: "Love: A Novel"

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