DiscoverWhat Happens in the WoodsRodney and Wayne go to the Sheriff
Rodney and Wayne go to the Sheriff

Rodney and Wayne go to the Sheriff

Update: 2020-10-161


When serial killers are apprehended, rarely is it because they turn themselves in. Not only did Wayne Adam Ford do just that when he walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office, he made sure to have evidence with him to prove he had committed the crime. Evidence in the form of a severed woman’s breast belonging to his most recent victim in Southern California.

Over the course of a few days in early November of 1998, Ford gave information on multiple murders and victims that had detectives and investigators from counties all over the West Coast fighting for a chance to speak to him. His crimes were gruesome and not something that anyone will soon forget. Eventually he was connected to the deaths of 4 women, one of which is still unnamed.

Join us for the story of Wayne Adam Ford, serial rapist and killer, as we look at his life and crimes.

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*Special Thanks to my stepmom Gwen for giving us her time and insight for this podcast!

Body parts kept in freezer

Co-workers, Neighbors shocked at charges

Ford Murder Trial

Parents of victims testify

Not mentioned, but definitely a good read with loads of information:

“Body Parts” by Caitlin Rother








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Rodney and Wayne go to the Sheriff

Rodney and Wayne go to the Sheriff

What happens In the woods