DiscoverBe Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime StoriesRolling Raccoons: a child’s mindful story and relaxation
Rolling Raccoons: a child’s mindful story and relaxation

Rolling Raccoons: a child’s mindful story and relaxation

Update: 2019-07-19


Two raccoons search for a snack only finding empty trash cans on top of a hill. Soon the cans hold rolling raccoons, as the mischievous pair play.

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story, “A Thoughtful Gift”, Monday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again, so now we have "Favorite Friday." Please enjoy “Rolling Raccoons,” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:39

Narrator: Male

Rolling Raccoons Story Excerpt:

Stars twinkled against the crisp midnight blue background of the night sky.  The moon was full and bright, lighting the way for Rebel and Riley Raccoon as they wandered through the yards of the peaceful little neighborhood.  It was time to look for a snack, and the little raccoons thought they had spotted a snack source.  Up ahead, the moonlight shined on two cylinders standing next to each other at the top of a hill. Garbage cans! Rebel and Riley were excited. People always threw out the best stuff. “I hope there’s Pizza boxes. Sometimes there’s a whole pizza slice.” Rebel said licking his lips.

Riley said, “Mmmmm, I hope there’s chocolate ice cream containers. There’s always some ice cream left.”

Both raccoons rubbed their bellies and scurried up to the top of the hill eager to see what was inside the cans tonight.   As they reached the top of the hill, bright lights came around the corner and the little raccoons ducked under a bush.  If the people spotted them, they might move the garbage cans before the raccoons had a chance to look inside.  Soon the only light left was the light from the moon, and Rebel and Riley left the shelter of the bush to explore the garbage cans.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine floating on a cloud and relax into the feeling of lightness.

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Rolling Raccoons: a child’s mindful story and relaxation

Rolling Raccoons: a child’s mindful story and relaxation

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