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Ron and Tammy (S2E8)

Ron and Tammy (S2E8)

Update: 2021-12-143


Love is in the air around Pawnee. Rob and Alan dive into another classic episode of Parks and Rec. In "Ron and Tammy" Leslie learns the library department, run by Ron's ex-wife, wants to take over the lot. On today's episode find out why Nick and Megan were perfect together as antagonists, which books are approved for the Pawnee Library, and the secrets behind Ron's breakfast photo.

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The episode opens with Andy taking over disgruntled Old Gus’ shoe shine business in City Hall. Later, Mark breaks the bad news to Leslie that the Pawnee library has placed a planning claim for Lot 48. Leslie and the rest of the Parks Dept. express their disdain for the library, much to the confusion of Ann, while Ron is particularly angry to learn that his ex-wife Tammy, who he insists is evil incarnate, is the new library director.

Leslie decides to look evil in the eye and confront Tammy directly about the library’s planning claim, but to her surprise, Leslie finds Tammy to be warm and friendly. Tammy instantly agrees to rescind her planning claim on Lot 48 as a professional courtesy between Government Gals and Leslie, now convinced that Tammy is not as bad as Ron claims, brings Tammy to the Parks Dept. so that she and Ron can work out their differences. Tammy and an agitated Ron go to a local diner to have lunch. The two sit down amicably, but soon erupt into a loud argument over who set the bed on fire, which jump cuts to them sitting back to back in separate booths eating, then cuts to the two making out between the two booths, then on the table (which Ron pulls out from the wall), then running out to their car and driving to a local motel, where they strip off their clothes as they run into the hotel room.

Meanwhile Mark enlists Tom’s help in dealing with Andy, who is working hard to try and win back Ann. Taking Tom’s advice to take the high road, Mark confronts Andy at the show shine stand, only to find Andy has covered the wall above his stand with pictures of Ann. Finding ads posted with “Andy & Ann Shoe Shine” Ann tells Andy to back off and take down the Ann shrine he’s erected.

Later a cheery Ron waltzes into the Parks Dept. providing way too many details about his sexual exploits with Tammy. An uncomfortable Leslie listens and realizes that Tammy is using sex to manipulate Ron into giving the library control of Lot 48. Leslie confronts Tammy, who smirks and tells Leslie that she’d rather be a Cleopatra than an Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Leslie tries to get Ron to break up with Tammy, but he insists he is powerless to her wiles and convinces Leslie to go with him to do the deed. The two go to the library and Ron immediately caves when Tammy flirts with him. Leslie gives up, telling Ron he should do whatever will make him happy. Impressed that a woman would put his needs before her own, Ron decides to break up with Tammy and give the lot back to Leslie. After breaking the news to Tammy off-camera, Ron flees the library with half of his  moustache missing and a push-pin stuck in his forehead. The two share a drink back at the Parks Dept. and agree that Tammy and the library really are the two worst things in the world. 

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Ron and Tammy (S2E8)

Ron and Tammy (S2E8)

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