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Ron and Tammy 2 (S3E4)

Ron and Tammy 2 (S3E4)

Update: 2022-05-03


Tammy is back! Today Rob and Alan talk about the very powerful fourth episode of season three. In "Ron and Tammy 2"  Ron breaks up with Tom's ex-wife, and decides to get back together with Tammy. In this episode find out what happens when you try and save the integrity of a script from a pile of wild jokes, what kind of dog Chris Traeger would be, how Ben's awkward nature is based off Mike Schur, and why it was ok to take liberties with the reality of the show when Tammy shows up. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


Ron's ex-wife Tammy is back to her old ways, trying to draw Ron back into their chaotic relationship with a fabricated outstanding library fine. It appears Ron is able to resist her seduction, due to the fact that he is in a solid relationship with Tom's ex-wife Wendy, but his steadfast resolve becomes compromised when Wendy tells Ron her plans to move back to Canada and the two break up.

Leslie finds Ron drowning his sorrows at the bar where she and the Parks Dept are throwing a party for the Pawnee police department. Once the Chief has had his fill of pizza and beer, Leslie hopes he’ll donate the force’s time for security at the upcoming Harvest Festival, but Ben awkwardly fails to win Chief Trumple's (Eric Pierpoint) favor. Meanwhile Tom, unaware of Ron and Wendy's breakup, arrives at the party with Tammy to get back at Ron for going out with Wendy. After bickering loudly, Ron and Tammy both decide to leave the party together to try and make amends. A night filled with drunken sex and mayhem ensues, ending with the two getting remarried and ending up in jail.

After getting Ron released, the Parks Dept holds a Tammy intervention, playing a previously recorded tape of Ron warning himself to stay away from her, but Ron ignores the warnings and prepares to take Tammy to his cabin for a sex-filled honeymoon. Leslie blames Tom for the dilemma and, although he initially claims to be unfazed, Tom later arrives at Tammy’s library bridal shower to stop Ron from going on the honeymoon. He reveals the whole marriage is a ploy by Tammy to once again make Ron miserable. Tammy attacks Tom, prompting Ron to remember what a monster she truly is and leave her. He carries Tom away, and the two later make amends. 

Despite the bad impression he made the day before, Ben asks the chief for the Harvest Festival favor. The chief unconditionally agrees out of respect for Leslie, explaining that she always helps everyone, and because Leslie once dated his friend Dave. Ben seems relieved that Leslie and Dave are no longer together, and later asks Leslie out to eat.

Meanwhile, April has been working as Chris' assistant until he goes back to Indianapolis. April's cynical personality clashes with Chris' relentless optimism and happiness. In an attempt to get fired, April purposely neglects to tell Ann that Chris cannot make a lunch date. When Ann arrives to confront Chris, she quickly realizes April's ploy. Ann reveals she is very happy dating Chris, and would even move with him to Indianapolis if asked. Andy, who is still trying to win back April's affections, gives Chris an obviously forged letter from the FBI claiming April must immediately return to the Parks Dept as Ron’s assistant. Chris sees through the ruse and tells April she can go back, but explains that remaining his assistant may provide her better career opportunities. He invites her to return with him to Indianapolis and she seems interested, leaving both Ann and Andy stunned and jealous.


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Ron and Tammy 2 (S3E4)

Ron and Tammy 2 (S3E4)

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