DiscoverResilience and Resistance PodcastRosalind Page: Black Femicides
Rosalind Page: Black Femicides

Rosalind Page: Black Femicides

Update: 2022-09-15


In this episode, we speak to Rosalind Page, Founder of Black Femicide US, an organization that tracks violence and murders of black women and girls across America. Rosalind is a nurse, researcher, advocate for the human rights of Black women and girls. We discussed: 

  • Every 6 hours a Black woman is killed. Rosalind elaborates on the term “Femicide” and how the resistance to categorize women's death as such is a form of deep rooted misogyny.
  • How femicides in the Black community have increased over the past few years-

from a femicide occurring every 19 hours in 2015 to 6 hours in 2022.

  • Domestic violence incidents are constantly being ignored and brushed off by law enforcement, and not taken seriously. 
  • The rates of femicides in the US are catching up to rates in South Africa where they occur every 4 hours. 
  • Her goal is to bring awareness to the number of Femicides in the Black community and enact change. 

Alicia Cardenas Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado killed December of last year 

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About our guest: 

Around 2015, Ms. Page became active after noticing an increase in violence against black women and girls. This increase is supported by crime statistics and has been rising since 2015. Ms. Page is focused on increased awareness of the issue and she tracks and posts incidents of black femicide, including a photo of the victim on her facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. 

Behind the scenes she is working with MIT, CDC and the FBI to increase specific and thorough data collection and to better understand the causes of this violence.

She is using that data to push legislation to recognize and address black femicide similar to the legislation proposed regarding the murders and disappearances of indigenous women and girls. 

To bring more focus and attention to a largely ignored and normalized issue, she is organizing a march on Washington DC for September 2022.


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Rosalind Page: Black Femicides

Rosalind Page: Black Femicides