DiscoverWhispering HuntysRules Mean Nothing (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Brynn Byrne, and The Lady Galore)
Rules Mean Nothing (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Brynn Byrne, and The Lady Galore)

Rules Mean Nothing (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Brynn Byrne, and The Lady Galore)

Update: 2021-09-16


Happy Bushwig and congrats to one of our two new Miss Bushwigs! On the pod, we are joined by the fabulous Toronto writer and podcaster Brynn Byrne (be sure to check out the That Was a Show? podcast).  From across the pond, we reconnected with our spicy Dutch diva The Lady Galore. Brynn starts us off with the full scoop on Canada’s election and current Covidian journey before sharing local drag info. If we ever make it to Canada, we’ll be attending drag brunch at the Gladstone Hotel in the West End of Toronto. Lady Galore is hot off the presses from publishing her book Glitter Maakt Alles Beter: Hoe Lady Galore Mijn Leven Redde - the first Dutch book about drag! We were lucky to catch her because she was actually performing at Patty Pam Pam’s Holy Brunch along with Reggy B!

On the pod: 

Drag Race Holland Season 2: 

  • Why do rules mean nothing Holland? 

  • Did other queens besides Vanessa know?

  • What did Willam actually do?

  • If Vivaldi had a phone, please explain that plastic deforestation dress?

  • If Lady Galore already has a stage at Milkshake Festival, has she won season 2?

  • Should Tabitha have been in the top 4?

  • Can Vaness still win after the incident? 

  • The Gaymoji challenge! 

  • Camp still needs to be funny.

  • Should Puny have won? 

  • Why so many breastplates?

  • Explaining Merol’s song.

  • Who should get the crown

  • Kita MInaj and My Little Puny are BABY QUEENS?


About our guests: 


Brynn Byrne is a pop culture-obsessed writer and podcaster from Toronto, Ontario. She is the co-creator, producer and co-host of That Was a Show? a podcast about failed or forgotten sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. When Brynn isn't binging obscure sitcoms or Drag Race she can either be found struggling to write the next great screenplay or singing show tunes to her cat Gizmo.


This Diva isn't your regular Queen honey, she's Fierce, Legendary, and Galore!


We loved her so much she is back for more!  Lady Galore a staple of Amsterdam and Dutch Drag since 2009. Lady Galore has performed all over: Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, Belfast, Glasgow, and Stockholm, just to name a few. 


After 200 solo shows, it was time to step up her game and Lady Galore invented a couple of huge concepts like  “the GALORE Stage” on Europes Biggest gay festival “Milkshake Festival” and she is programming Europes biggest gay ski event “European Gay Ski Week” where she invites tons of Queens from all over the world to perform and show you the art of Drag. 


Besides performing live on stage, Lady Galore acted in 2 movies and has won several awards/prizes for the documentary: Galore. Made by Dyzlo film. A film about her career, traveling the world, an extraordinary lifestyle, and winning everyone's heart. In 2019 she hosted “The Diva In Mij”, the first-ever Dutch TV-show presented by Drag Queens together with Envy Peru and Hoax Le Beau. 


Looking ahead, in 2021, she will release her first book about her life and the dutch Drag scene.


Last but not least, Lady Galore has been honored to be an Amsterdam Gay Pride Ambassador and has been organizing the Gay Pride Boat with Drag Queens United yearly since 2012. 


“Let’s make more GLAMOUR!”



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Youtube: sanderdenbaas



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Rules Mean Nothing (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Brynn Byrne, and The Lady Galore)

Rules Mean Nothing (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Brynn Byrne, and The Lady Galore)

Mijon Zulu