DiscoverThe Strength Running PodcastRunning Form Tests, Technique Cues, and Footstrike Patterns with Physical Therapist Matthew Silver
Running Form Tests, Technique Cues, and Footstrike Patterns with Physical Therapist Matthew Silver

Running Form Tests, Technique Cues, and Footstrike Patterns with Physical Therapist Matthew Silver

Update: 2024-04-04


If you're starting to wonder whether your running form is helping or hurting your performance, we’re sharing two important tests that can help you better conceptualize how your body moves through space.

Dr. Matthew Silver is a doctor of physical therapy, coach, cross country athlete, founder of Alpha Project Phyzio and Performance in Maryland, and author of the book "Built to Run."

We spend a lot of time on foot strike, the problems associated with over-striding, and the many solutions for resolving this form error.

In this episode, Matthew and I talk about:

  • Testing running form through the jump test: How to do it to find the optimal jumping pace
  • Running cadence and its relationship to form and performance
  • Testing running form through the heel strike test: How to feel the difference between landing on the ball of the foot and the heel (which can lead to potential injury)
  • Strength training and plyometric exercises for runners for improved tendon efficiency and cadence
  • Running form and footstrike mechanics, including heel striking and overstriding
  • Running form and balance during sprinting: Don't run like a ballerina
  • Running form and power training with dumbbells
  • Focusing on simplicity and effectiveness in strength training: the "big three" exercises and the "KISS method"

If you’re already wondering whether your current recovery tactics are helping you perform better and stay healthy, this episode will give you great recovery strategies to start implementing today.

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Running Form Tests, Technique Cues, and Footstrike Patterns with Physical Therapist Matthew Silver

Running Form Tests, Technique Cues, and Footstrike Patterns with Physical Therapist Matthew Silver

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