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Running a Business as a Solo Mom

Running a Business as a Solo Mom

Update: 2023-05-07


This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, we explore the challenges of being an entrepreneur and a solo mom, particularly in the context of not having access to traditional support systems like childcare or a partner to help.
Internal support systems are crucial for any entrepreneur, but especially for those who don’t have other forms of traditional support. When traditional support systems such as childcare or a partner are not available, it can be incredibly challenging to balance the demands of parenting and running a business. (This is where the internal support systems come in…)

Internal support systems are the resources, both emotional and practical, that we draw upon from within ourselves and our communities to help us navigate difficult situations. One of the key benefits of internal support systems is that they can provide a sense of validation and belonging. When you’re an entrepreneur and a solo mom, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone, and it is important to have the right systems in place to help you gain a sense of connection and belonging that can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

In this episode, we discuss:
Our own internal support systems
Being a solo mom and running a business
Non-traditional support systems
And more!
00:01 Exploring Internal Support Systems for Family-Friendly Businesses
02:22 Conversation on Single Motherhood and Business Ownership
05:55 Conversation on Non-Traditional Support Systems for Solo Parents
07:08 Exploring Strategies for Balancing Parenthood and Work








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Running a Business as a Solo Mom

Running a Business as a Solo Mom

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