DiscoverThe Fraud Boxer PodcastRunning a Cyber Security Team at a Large Company with Heath Taylor
Running a Cyber Security Team at a Large Company with Heath Taylor

Running a Cyber Security Team at a Large Company with Heath Taylor

Update: 2023-10-27


On Today's episode I sit down with a former colleague of mine Heath Taylor where he uses his extensive background in information security and cybersecurity from his time in the US Navy and at Live Nation Ticketmaster. He stresses the need for organizations to adopt a proactive approach to identify and respond to potential threats. He also underscores the complexity of operations at large organizations and the significance of cybersecurity within an organization.

Throughout the conversation, the significance of finding the right people for a company is highlighted, with a specific focus on clear communication and an analytical mindset in the field of cybersecurity. We also discuss our approach to effective leadership and career progression.

Communication emerges as a central theme, with a particular focus on its importance in articulating cybersecurity issues and potential impacts on business operations. The discussion touches on the challenges associated with security posture and inventory management within organizations.

We also delve into the complexities of building versus buying cybersecurity solutions, addressing issues such as fake accounts, account takeovers, compromised websites, shared passwords, and the need for improved security measures. Never being satisfied, we even touch on security awareness, secure applications, supply chain attacks, and the need for bug bounty programs as essential components of a robust cybersecurity strategy. Collaboration and partnerships among teams are emphasized as a means to prevent fraudulent activity. 


Heath Taylor:


"Heath Taylor is a cybersecurity leader with a wealth of experience in threat intelligence and a proven track record of managing all aspects of cybersecurity for large enterprises. Heath is a seasoned expert in the field and has built and led highly effective technical security teams, delivering industry-leading incident response, corporate security, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), and product security. Heath is a skilled leader in driving security initiatives and has a unique talent for developing innovative security solutions, standardizing security policies, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, he is known for his ability to create CSIRT/SOC/CTI functions. Heath has led programs that include engineering, strategic planning, risk management, process improvement, and regulatory compliance."


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Running a Cyber Security Team at a Large Company with Heath Taylor

Running a Cyber Security Team at a Large Company with Heath Taylor

Jordan Harris